StrategyGuy Blog Pic_SeptWinning is easy, but it isn’t simple. I’ve taken companies from $0 to $100M to IPO across 5 continents for more than 30 years, and I guarantee I can help you do the same.

I’m known as an energetic and team focused C-level executive with extensive experience scaling organizations through key business inflection points, all the while developing high performance cultures.

  • Boost your profitability by 10 – 30%
  • Boost productivity by 30 – 50%
  • Boost engagement & accountability by 40 – 70%
  • Get 2x more output, with 3.5x better quality in ½ the time

At the core of what I do, are time-proven practices that develop practical solutions & deliver immediate results, and that’s because they’re aligned to your specific needs.

✪ Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish & English
✪ Operationalize go-to-market strategies
✪ Internationalization / “Glocalization”
✪ Customer Success
✪ Fast Growth
✪ Reorganization, Change Management & Process Reengineering
✪ Operations & Integration Plans
✪ Problem Solving & Decision Making
✪ Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning
✪ Employee Engagement
✪ Workforce Agility & Lean Planning
✪ Portfolio & Program Management
✪ Human Capital Management

Here’s an Executive Summary of the process typically deployed across 5 continents for +30 years.

33 Nationalities touched by transforming knowledge
into productive, profitable & engaging new habits.

Here is sampling of the diversity of individuals & organizations behind our testimonials.