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How round tables increase engagement & performance

Published on June 21, 2013 By The Strategy Guy

Circular seating highlights the need to belong, whereas angular arrangements prime the desire to be unique

Core Values, Guiding Principles & Social Contracts

Published on July 18, 2011 By The Strategy Guy

Guiding Principles are any principles or precepts that guide an organization throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies, type of work, or the top management. – The Business Dictionary Core Values, Guiding Principles or Social Contracts… what matters most is not the name you give them, but rather how […]

3 Leadership “Hows” Critical for Organizational Health

Published on June 20, 2011 By The Strategy Guy

“To sustain high performance, organizations must build the capacity to learn and keep changing over time.” What does a healthy organization look like in your mind? Employees finding meaning through their work? Customers finding transforming experiences through their interactions with you? Investors & shareholders making a difference through their investments? That’s what it should look […]

Profit as a Result vs. a Goal; Wise Leadership

Published on June 13, 2011 By The Strategy Guy

There are many forms of leadership “how to” but far too few successful leadership shared experiences. Personally, I’ve learned more about leadership from failure and shared experiences than I have from books. That is why I love to share! Here’s a dose of what’s inspired me today.. I hope it inspires you in-turn. “All the […]

Imperative Success Milestone; It’s time for your Mid-Year Review

Published on June 4, 2011 By The Strategy Guy

“It’s time for your Mid-Year Review; Half the year is already over – will you be able to look back with no regrets? Learn the top 3 things you must do NOW to make sure you finish the year strong.” That was the opening line from Verne Harnish’s weekly newsletter that caught my eye, and whilst […]

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