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Successful people have the following characteristics in common

Published on July 27, 2014 By The Strategy Guy

I recently came across Darren Wedge LION’s post “What is Your Most Valuable Asset?“, and I wanted to reproduce here the following key messages. He states that “successful people not only understand success is a mindset and use their time wisely they also have the following characteristics in common” When challenges occur they do not panic […]

How to become a Critical Thinker

Published on June 30, 2011 By The Strategy Guy

“I think there’s a feeling that people need to sharpen their thinking skills, whether it’s questioning assumptions, or looking at problems from multiple points of view.” – David A. Garvin of the Harvard Business School This post was inspired by John Baldoni’s HBR article “How Leaders Should Think Critically“. Question assumptions Critical thinkers are inquisitive and look […]

How to Get the Right Work Done

Published on June 27, 2011 By The Strategy Guy

Getting things done isn’t about time management.. but rather about how you manage yourself and your choices, within the time you have available to you. – David Allen Managing Workflow, Projects & Priorities That’s what time management is really about to begin with. you have a limited resource (time) and an over abundance of activities […]

How-To Fix the Open Space Syndrome

Published on June 24, 2011 By The Strategy Guy

Let’s be honest.. the advent of Open Space Offices had more to do with economics than productivity. That said, other than death & taxes, every challenge has a (or various) solution(s). The current work environment provided by most employers who support an Open Space layout is highly unproductive for getting work done at work. Interruptions […]

3 Critical Success Messages for any Technology Start-up & Engineering Leadership

Published on June 18, 2011 By The Strategy Guy

During my weekend reading, I came across 3 wonderful & inspiring messages from Joe Stump in his recent interview on Capture The Flag that will surely help any internet / technology entrepreneur rethink (or solidify) their current perceptions of where they’re headed & why. Whether an internet entrepreneur, corporate executive, engineering team leader or budding […]

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