Who ya gonna call?

Do you remember these words from Ghostbuster?

If there’s something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

If there’s something weird
and it don’t look good
Who ya gonna call?

Now I’m no ghost-buster, but I have been known to quickly get rid of strange & scary things that sometimes haunt businesses! Both BIG & small!

I sat down the other day with several entrepreneurs to try and help them get some traction on delivering results in their businesses. Let me preface this post by saying that in the last 6 months, I’ve heard all about the money they’ve “invested” in books & guru’s coming into her company to motivate their teams and “shed some light”, as well as the countless speeches & workshops where they left convinced they NOW had the magical formula. In each case there was allot of enthusiasm, conviction and even an action plan moving forward, but a few weeks later, the results just weren’t consistent! What’s wrong with this picture?

They even have regular bi-weekly, weekly and monthly calls with proven professionals in their own right! Coaches, mentors, proven champions in their previous engagements, they discuss allot of strategies, they make allot of commitments to do many things, that on paper sound right. Yet every other month when I catch-up with them, the pattern seems to be the same. They’re swamped! Over their heads with to-do’s, to-action, to-chase, to-hold accountable, & what’s most common is they seem to be the ONLY ones in their businesses that are loosing precious nights sleep over the entire situation. Now that’s just not right!

This time around they decided to try some practices which actually guarantee delivering results! Because we’re not taking a top-to-bottom approach, but rather getting the people who actually have to execute on-board right from the start, the results start to appear very quickly. Because these key-stakeholders can now clearly see how they will benefit, both personally as well as professionally from executing the organization’s success, they’re just as committed as their leadership. Because they themselves have stepped forward, and put forth what they will do, within their areas of responsibility, to deliver on the required results, they’re holding each other to account. Because they have simple tools which guarantee transparency & clear communication, there simply aren’t anymore excuses, just results. And because all of these processes have been adapted to their unique company culture, framed to fit around their unique and jointly agreed, or validated core ideology, the business is sustainable as every new member that comes onto the scene is filtered by the ground rules established by the existing core team!

What’s the difference between 6 months ago & now? When I got the call, they got more than advice & templates! They got frameworks, routines & rhythms which are adapted to their unique culture, size, complexity & situation! When they didn’t have the skills on-board, I rolled up my sleeves & got into the trenches with them! And whilst I was there, I helped develop the necessary skills for them to be autonomous.

Basically putting me out of my short term assignment. Why would I do this? Because my vested interest is in empowering the collective! That way, I get called back to help them make the next significant leap, and not to re-engineer what didn’t work the first time out because they just didn’t have the skills, experience or know-how to execute.

In closing, I’d like to share with you that I’m reading a book this week that speaks about how when you gather a group of people together, it’s a proven fact that the collective is always more innovative than the smartest person in the room by themselves! That’s what I love to leverage, the power of the collective! πŸ™‚

So next time you feel there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? If there’s something weird in your business, and it don’t look good, who ya gonna call? πŸ™‚

Remember.. my favorite motto.. the execution of an idea is always more important than the brilliance of the thought! And people will do something, including changing their behavior, if only it can be demonstrated that doing so is in their own best interests as defined by their own values. Make sense?

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