Top 5 Tweets from Week 10 & 11 @ 2015

Here are what I consider to be my most relevant Top 5 Tweets of the past week.

#1: Why the Most Important Success Metric in SaaS is Misleading (@OpenviewPartners) It’s unfortunately too common for most organizations to investigate no further than face value of the metrics they’re tracking. Every metric tells a story, and so I always encourage you to turn several pages & look deeper into the story that’s behind the first set of numbers.

#2: Questions of Priority (@Zenhabits) I often say that “if you don’t have your own plan, then you’ll be the servant to someone else’s plan”. In addition to making sure you know what your priority is for the day, take a quick break (at least by noon) to check-in with yourself on how you’re progressing on that priority. Don’t be surprised, especially at first, if you find you’ve got to make a change in your activity in order to nail that priority you had established.

#3: 7 Traits of Companies on the Fast Track to International Growth (@HBR) Very simple attributes that help you grow internationally & scale. How many of these are on your radar?

#4: The Power of Silence for Effective Communication (@CloudMcBride) 5 very effective behaviors that you can adopt to become a better communicator. Don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t succeed at all of them. Try practicing one at a time until it becomes an ingrained new habit. And remember that it’s practice that makes perfect.

#5: LinkedIn’s Culture of Transformation (@wadors) Very powerful & simple example of establishing the cornerstone behind any success story. Culture always starts with a WHY & is followed by a WHAT (“who we aspire to be” in this case). In todays workforce, if you’re not starting with WHY, than you’re already fighting an uphill battle in trying to get your team consistently engaged & hold themselves accountable. Values (HOW) are what help people ensure they’re executing with right behavior.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve added the source of each article included in the tweet as depending on the status of your subscription to these online publications, you may have difficulty in following some or all of these links.

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