Rethink Your Mindset

Last week in the UK was AMAZING! It started out with Strategy as a Form of Art, by mid week Strategy was a Religious Experience, and then I took a quick hop up to Manchester to facilitate a Weekly Strategic meeting for an ongoing client relationship. I’m coaching/mentoring a team that has in the last 6 months responded to the economical crisis by being 30% on last year’s performance & 150% up on plan!

In-between my facilitation’s last week, to recover from one & be better prepared for another, I stepped into a walk-in back rub just off of Charlot Street & Rathbone on the West End. Whilst waiting my turn, I picked up a leaflet promoting Dadi Janki, where she spoke of Rethink Your Mindset.

The leaflet states “Your mindset is key! Attitudes, perceptions, habits & beliefs create your mindset. It shapes the way you think, feel & act. Is your mindset limiting or empowering you? Rethink challenges: approach them with inner strength and self-confidence. Rethink problems: see them as opportunities! Rethink being busy: be productive by staying calm, centered & focused! Rethink worry & fear: maintain peace of mind. In times of change, you need to flex, adapt and rethink, or get left behind. When you rethink your mindset, you can reconnect with your well-being. Reconnect to your well-being & you’ll recapture your natural rhythm, vitality & resilience”.

Very wise words, and fundamentally these aspects of “rethink” are core to the methodologies with which I’ve witnessed my clients have success! The rethink of challenges, problems & being busy most resonate with my more recent clients who have made a significant change for the better! In what concerns driving results & prospering, regardless of economical cycles, definitely the rethink being busy is KEY! For that, I’ve very often counted on my Focus Pyramid exercise :-), and it WORKS!

What are you doing today? being busy or delivering results? How are the activities you’re currently engaged in, in ALL aspects of your life, moving your forward, and with each day narrowing in on your 2-3 year goals & objectives?

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