Business Strategy Made Easy; Conquering 2 common mistakes

“Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi”

It’s that simple.. Happy with your results? Do more of what’s working. NOT happy with your results? Change what you don’t like & succeed!

The problem with most organizations today is that they complicate what’s simple, with mixed messages using intangible instead of tangible goals.

Within 90 minutes, any team can identify what’s working & what’s not. That’s just one of the exercises we run at our Strategy Days before moving onto the Top 5 Priorities that are going to make the tangible difference & bring the desired results.

Common Mistake #1; Intangible Goals

Far too many organizations stop at “we want to be the best, we want to be leader, etc.” If you’re going to run a successful organization, engaged up & down the entire chain of command, you can’t leave anything for interpretation of your staff.

You want to be leader in your market? How profitably do you want to be while gaining market share? What’s the mix? What are you going to compromise, when.. & under what conditions? In what segment of your market do you want to stand-out from the crowd? In short, what overall shape do you want to be in when you reach your desired leadership plateau?

Far too many organizations fall short when it comes to the tangibility of their goals.

Common Mistake #2; Focusing on Activity vs Business Benefit

What is it that you want to achieve? What’s the desired benefit you or your organization wants to experience? Visualize it, make it tangible, create a progressive strategy to achieve it, communicate it & set up a consistent rhythmic set of pulse checks that will keep people engaged.

More than due dates or budget, measure how your progressive results are contributing to the benefit you want to experience when you’re done. Along the way, stay agile & relevant. Stay away from BIG BANG solutions. Progressive also means that you’re getting periodic benefit (pay-back) from your activities. Progressive means that at any stage when and if the market makes a significant shift, you can recognize business benefit to-date, and terminate your project, or pivot to activities that are going to bring you more (new) relevant results.

How happy are you with your results today? What are you going to intensify or change tomorrow? “Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi”

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