4 Basic Principles for better Results & Organizational Growth

It’s been almost 10 months since I last blogged here, and whilst time has passed, basic principles to success have stayed the same. I’ve now relocated my base of operations to San Francisco, where the buzz of activity seems to be supersonic when compared to the rest of the world.

Next week I’ll be back in São Paulo Brazil for 2 weeks to move onto a new phase with one of my clients, whilst identifying other prospective clients that would like to experience better results, rapid growth & more engaged / motivated teams.

Since I last blogged here I’ve been around the world a few times over, and regardless of what part of the world I step off the plane in, the fundamental principles to success are pretty much the same.

Principle 1; A sound Core Ideology as a base that everyone can identify with.

Whether in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North, Central or South America.. people want the same thing, they want to feel connected, relevant and that they’re a participant to the goings on of activities & events around them whilst striving for self-actualization!

Principle 2; A solid plan where focus is key!

There’s always a time & place when you have to choose between mediocrity at many things vs excellence at few. Find the right answer to “what has the highest payoff for me if I do it” and you’ll be focusing on the right limited set of priorities that are going to move you, your teams & your business into the right rhythm for success.

Principle 3; An inspiring leadership.

Motivation comes from within, and as leaders, the best we can hope to achieve is to inspire a workforce or a group of people to (the right) action. That inspiration includes walking the talk and making the tough calls regardless of popularity. Most importantly, it requires integrity even when people aren’t watching. The things you do when no one is looking, are the things that define you most!

Principle 4; Continuous Improvement.

Nothing lasts forever, therefore finding the right rhythm, cadence & pivot points is essential to success. Review & adjust, review & adjust.. determine what is the right rhythm for the various aspects of your strategic & tactical plan(s), ultimately being courageous to make the right decisions.

In Summary;

Our Core Ideology is our foundation (as well as set of filters for our journey), and our key priorities are our North Stars. Building the bridge between the two, while walking that bridge on-purpose is the journey to success. As in life itself, the bridge is never as stable as we’d wish, and we need to make many critical decisions along the way for the safety & success of ourselves and those who follow us.

Armed with these 4 basic principles, success is guaranteed each and every time!

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