Why management is killing your company’s growth

The act of “management”, by its own connotation and emotional association, is a constrictive exercise with a goal of limiting (the risk) a situation.

You manage a crisis.. you manage a dip in sales or performance.. you manage someone who’s not performing.. etc.

If you find that everyone in your company is managing, then who the hell is leading it?

Leading gets things done

Leading, on the other hand, is an expansive exercise with the goal of getting you beyond a situation. You lead people into the promise land. You lead people to recognize & achieve their untapped potential. You lead an organization into a new market, opportunity and or greater results & performance.

When you’re leading effectively, you’ll find yourself doing a lot less management because people in your organization will be more invested & committed to stepping up to the plate and taking charge. Vested people keep things from having to be managed!

Exclusive vs. inclusive

Management, traditionally, is hierarchical. You don’t hear of people “managing” unless they’ve been promoted. On the other hand, leadership is hierarchical-less and can come from anywhere within your organization. You don’t need to promote anyone into a leadership role, you just need to foster leadership as a desired opportunity that can make anyone shine.

A receptionist can lead an initiative that has everyone in the office become more enthusiastic about the workplace environment. Likewise, as a face to your public, they can contribute impact-filled insight based on what they’re hearing when your audience thinks no one is listening.

Managing is limting

Anytime I’ve walked into an organization that was in trouble, I first had to managed (damage control) before I could lead (taking them to the next level). In my own life, when I’ve found myself in trouble, I’ve first had to manage my circumstances before I could lead myself into a better state.

Sound familiar? If you spend too much time managing, you’re most likely only acting upon the symptoms and not the root cause. That’s called going in circles! You’ll also find that management is a very lonely place. Leadership, on the other hand, is inspiring and naturally makes people want to join in on the fun & celebrate.

Getting ahead of the curve

Over the last 3 decades, especially in the US &  Europe, economical cycles have not affected some organizations as it did others. Wether colleagues or competitors, those that found themselves prioritizing a leadership culture not only made it easier to get through tough times, it made them better prepared to leverage the first signs of recovery. They always seem to find themselves 3 steps ahead of others who buried their heads in management roles.

People naturally want to lead & be lead

All of the popular surveys today scream out that people don’t want to be managed. People work best when they’re inspired. People engage more when they believe in a cause, and therefore chose to be led. People will break their backs, astonishing you with their creativity and conviction to succeed when they have a vested interest.

Call to action; it’s your choice

Why are you still managing when you could be leading? The process is simple! You just need to break the pattern and make different choices. Initially it  will take some management, but leadership is your end goal.

What one thing can you do today to get you on the road to leading vs managing? How can you align, motivate & empower your organization to truly scale by taking care of the day-to-day and allowing you to focus on leading them to the promised land?


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