Three Ways Leaders Can Listen with More Empathy

marauz_good_listening“Study after study has shown that listening is critical to leadership effectiveness. So, why are so few leaders good at it?

Too often, leaders seek to take command, direct conversations, talk too much, or worry about what they will say next in defense or rebuttal.  Additionally, leaders can react quickly, get distracted during a conversation, or fail to make the time to listen to others.  Finally, leaders can be ineffective at listening if they are competitive, if they multitask such as reading emails or text messages, or if they let their egos get in the way of listening to what others have to say.”

This HBR post had me think to recommend the best book I’ve ever read on becoming a better listener. The Lost Art of Listening by Michael Nichols is an easy & practical read that will give you the fundamentals to best affect your personal & professional life.

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