The Perfect Place to Work; How can this be you?

happyThe ideal place to work is where…

  1. “Let Me Be Myself”; Differences are nurtured, so individuals can be themselves at work and contribute their unique talents.
  2. “Tell Me What’s Really Going On”; Information is not suppressed or distorted, so people can find out what they need to know to do their work.
  3. “Discover and Magnify My Strengths”; Individuals are given meaningful chances to grow, becoming more valuable to the organization in the process.
  4. “Make Me Proud I Work Here”; the organization stands for something meaningful & the company is a place where everyone feels proud to work, spurring them to go beyond their stated roles.
  5. “Make My Work Meaningful”; the work itself is intrinsically rewarding, people’s day to day work makes sense to them, and they understand how their own jobs fit in with everyone else’s.
  6. “Don’t Hinder Me With Stupid Rules”; there are no stupid rules.

On a scale of 1-10, how would your organization meet these criteria?


For three years, London Business School professor Rob Goffee and the IE Business School professor Gareth Jones questioned hundreds of executives all over the world in publishing their May 2013 HBR article “Creating the Best Workplace on Earth”. As I reflect on their publication, I’m reinvigorated to see that all of the elements of strategic one-days, one-page plans and business coaching present here.

The Perfect Place to Work 6 part series

Over the next 6 weeks I will give you practical real-world examples of what these principles in action really look like. I will give you the relevant tools and highly practical next steps that will allow you to immediately put these into practice in your organization. I promise that by the end of the 6th weekly installment, you’ll be much more confident of how you will grade your organization, having put some of these solutions into place.

For now, review the 6 characteristics above and identify which are currently most adversely affecting your organization. What is already being done to address this? Stay tuned.. I’ll have more practical solutions for you soon.

Credit & Inspiration

This post was inspired by publishings from Andrea OvansRob Goffee and Gareth Jones.

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