Successful people have the following characteristics in common

Big-Circle_03I recently came across Darren Wedge LION’s post “What is Your Most Valuable Asset?“, and I wanted to reproduce here the following key messages.

He states that “successful people not only understand success is a mindset and use their time wisely they also have the following characteristics in common”

  • When challenges occur they do not panic
  • They look on a challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • They never give up when faced with a challenge
  • They do things they are afraid to do by stepping out of their comfort zone
  • Focus on the future rather than on the past
  • Spend time visualising what they want and actually having what they want
  • Do not attempt to take short cuts to success
  • Continually work on improving themselves

If this were a checklist, how many of these characteristics would you tick? And the ones you’re not able to tick, how many of them would give you a better life? These are not just leadership traits reserved for the workplace, these are powerful traits for a happier & more fulfilling life in general!

Remember that “success is different for every person, do not try to find success in other peoples dreams, but instead determine what success means to you and set your mind on the right success path for you. You only get one shot at your life, and the time you have to do it is short in relative terms. Make a commitment today to doing something that will change your life and put you on the path to success.”

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