Human Capital Transformation; 10 Steps to Achieve Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

The caption reads “what you can achieve is limited only by how far you can see“.

What do you think would happen if your team could collectively envision even greener pastures than yourself for your organization?

What do you think the outcome would be if they could individually see beyond any challenge on the horizon? Better yet, can you imagine a simple way to guarantee your people have greater engagement, passion & buy-in into your organization?

It’s quite simple, just provide them with the tools that will help them overcome their daily professional challenges, whilst at the same time help them to live out & realize their own personal dreams. Does that sound like a win / win proposition you’d like to try out?

Here’s how it works.. more than 25 years of successful engagements around the planet in every size venture imaginable have proven that when you can blend personal passions with professional realities, you vastly increase the success of an organization and its workforce. The most significant factor holding most people back from self-realization, be it in a personal or professional perspective, is their capacity to think beyond the next challenge. I like to refer to these situations as  limiting beliefs.

I’m not good or smart enough, I don’t have the necessary resources, I / we can’t afford it, etc. They’re all great excuses, or should I say limiting beliefs. Once you’ve conquered a limiting belief and achieved a set objective, it’s incredible how you can look back & think about the simplicity of the steps that got you there. Even when you come away a little battered & bruised from the fight, isn’t it empowering to know that you’ve gone further than you imagined possible yourself initially? How much have you grown & developed in the process?

How many more colleagues, friends & people all around, can you now help confident with your new found power?

A few years back I attended a 7 day seminar called a Dream University® so that I could better understand the audience of a client of mine. At the time I was creating & project managing an online community initiative that would help people manifest their dreams through a proven 10 step process. As I sat amongst more than 100 Dream Coach® candidates, I heard Marcia Wieder speak in a language that (to me) paralleled effective business practices.

The 10 Core Principles of the Dream Coach® process that Marcia stated that day were:

  1. Set an Intention
  2. Maintain Integrity
  3. Live on Purpose
  4. Access your Dreamer
  5. Learn from your Doubter
  6. Believe in your Dreams
  7. Failure can lead to Success
  8. Take serious Steps Forward
  9. Build your Dream Team
  10. Live as a Dreamer

This is all it would take for anyone to realize their dreams. As I thought about the process I saw its power & realized that in its simplicity was its effectiveness.

Go back & review those 10 steps again, but this time modify the following language:

  1. Intentions = Goals
  2. Integrity = Core Values
  3. Purpose = Mission
  4. Dream = Vision
  5. Doubter = Challenges / Obstacles
  6. Dreams = Resources
  7. Failure can lead to Success = R&D and Performance Management
  8. Take serious Steps Forward = Strategic Plan / Action Plan
  9. Build your Dream Team = Teamwork, Network & more Resources
  10. Live as a Dreamer = Lead by example

I wouldn’t ask you to do anything that I haven’t already tried myself, so I can guarantee you this works! When executives who have hired me scratch their head in amazement at the new buzz in the air only days or weeks after we’ve initiated an engagement, they smile when I share that I just taught their team how to see beyond their limiting beliefs. I empowered them by empowering their personal dreams whilst providing a simple framework that also had them better execute their professional tasks. I empowered them by linking the company Mission & Vision with something they could visualize on a more personal level. When people finally understand your Vision as being your company dream, or your Mission as being your company purpose, etc… they “get it” and more easily passionately buy-in to the changes needed to achieve mutual success.

So now that you have the answer, what’s holding you back from success?

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