How to tap into the great leader already in you

'Leadereship' highlighted in greenYou are already a great leader, or at least you have it inside of you, now you just need to tap into that source. As long as you can become passionate about something, and share that passion with someone, then you will find that you can always create an opportunity to find like-minded audiences who will follow your lead.

I have to be honest.. I often tire of reading leadership updates that profess to have found the next new revelation.

Keeping it simple

I’ve always found it easiest to do in business as you would do in personal life. This prevents conflict of interest, and stops you from having to think too hard about how to behave when a decision needs to be made. People will only consistently be inspired & follow if they believe and trust. It’s a matter of authenticity, and people are too smart to be fooled by anything less.

The Five Practices

While recently reading The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model, I was again reminded about how each and everyone of us already has the traits to be a successful leader in our own right.

Can you not…

  • Model the Way (walk the talk)?
  • Inspire a Shared Vision (tell relevant stories)?
  • Challenge the Process (ask “why”)?
  • Enable Others to Act (share the responsibility)?
  • Encourage the Heart (provide feedback & recognition)?
Private vs. public life

How do you lead at home? With friends & family? How do you inspire your children? More than stating facts, aren’t you more successful when you tell stories? Stories that are relevant to whichever audience you’re wanting to move to action & join you? At the core, it’s the same in business, you just need to carry over those traits and express them in a business format to obtain the same results.

Leadership training doesn’t work

Leadership is more about bringing out the leader already in you, and finding a way for those traits to resonate with your target audience, than it is about trying to become “a leader”. That’s where people typically have the challenge, tapping into their natural leadership state in order to become an authentic leader.

That’s why it’s called “leadership development” & not “leadership training”.

Call to action

If you can’t do it on your own, find someone who can help you identify what’s not working? Maybe you’ve been trying to become a leadership style you’re not. How can you leverage the resources at your disposal to turn the situation around? Can you use your environment to help you share the leadership challenge? Do you simply need to tap into your authentic self (strengths)? Do you need to make some adjustments in your team because you’ve simply hired the wrong people?

You’re more in control of influencing the situation than you might have originally thought. So what’s your next move?

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