5 Tips to Bullet Proof Your Success; The Engagement Factor

By The Strategy Guy

When was the last time your company set out to achieve something and it all happened just as expected? I thought so! The disconnect between strategy and execution can be HUGE, and what typically fails is what I like to call “The Engagement Factor”. Employee engagement is much more than just teamwork because it’s more […]

Instant Productivity & Success; How to change your life in 15 minutes

By The Strategy Guy

“If an organization could teach only one thing to its employees, what single thing would have the most impact? My answer was immediate and clear: teach people how to learn. How to look at their past behavior, figure out what worked, and repeat it while admitting honestly what didn’t and change it.” This is the […]

5 Proven Strategy Steps for Your Personal Development & Growth

By The Strategy Guy

Do you remember the excitement of running home after school & having your mom or dad measure your growth? You were probably so proud that you had that chart somewhere in the house where every visitor could see it. How did you respond when someone asked how old you were? You very proudly pinched your […]

3 Steps to Immediately Improve your Productivity & Satisfaction

By The Strategy Guy

How would you complete the following three statements in relation to the week just passed? 1. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being outstanding, my productivity this past week was a.. 2. On the same scale of 1-5, my effectiveness this past week was a.. 3. And finally, still on the same scale, my […]

Productivity Transformation; Effective Results The Agile Way

By The Strategy Guy

Yesterday a client asked me about the difference between Agile Software Development & Scrum (development), followed by whether it was possible to apply the same frameworks to a traditional business practice or environment. Recalling an earlier article I wrote back in May on Executing with Strategic Speed, where I briefly touched on the importance of […]

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