The Secret to Personal Happiness & Professional Success; Pattern Interrupt

Do you want to stop smoking, drinking heavily, lying to yourself and or others, cheating or any other habit that’s negatively affecting your life? The answer is pattern interrupt.

Likewise, if you’re an athlete & you want to increase your performance, or a business professional trying to reach new heights? That too is achieved through pattern interruption.

Past patterns of behavior (habits) are the actions that lead us to the current results we’re witnessing. You may not be able to change the past, nor your current circumstances, but you can most definitely change the future through simple pattern interruption. What chains you to your current set of circumstances, are your existing patterns of behaviors.

First Steps

Just like in the successful 12 Step AA Program, you might have to

  1. Admitting / recognizing the reality of the situation.. and that at the core.. you might be at fault. In an extreme situation admit that you’re powerless over your pattern of behavior and that your life has become unmanageable.
  2. When you don’t have the self-discipline, recognize that an external force (coach / mentor) can give you the strength you need to change your current unproductive habit.
  3. Learning by examining past errors or failings.. on your own or with the help of a sponsor (experienced person or coach)
  4. Make amends for these errors & rebuild bridges if / when necessary
  5. Learn to live a new life with a new more productive code of behavior
  6. Finally, if you so choose, you can pay this valuable life lesson forward by helping others who suffer from the same unproductive patterns of behavior.

Yes.. that’s a brief summary (shortened version) of the successful 12 Step AA Program, and those basic principles founded back in 1935 that have helped millions to survive & thrive after detrimental patterns of addictive behavior can work wonders for your personal happiness & professional productivity.

Second Steps

If a pattern interruption seems too challenging, look at it as 30 day challenge. Initially approach your situation one day at a time.. then 2 days.. then 3.. etc.. by the time you hit 30 days, you’re well on your way to building a new healthier habit

Continual Improvement Program

Set-up a system for accountability. Quantify your progress periodically & share it with those who will support you on your journey. Trying to loose weight? A weekly celebration will renew your conviction, confidence & keep you on-track to meet your goal. Shooting for that next significant step in taking your performance to the next level? What’s that look like? Is it quantified & tangible? Share your goal, track it weekly, celebrate it.. and before you know it you’ll be looking back on your success & thinking how easy that actually was. All it took was that first critical step!

This post was inspired after a conversation with my son Ricardo, while he shared with me one of his favorite sites belonging to strongman Elliot Hulse.

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