5 Steps & 2 Simple Tools for Quickly Reaching Inbox Zero

Inbox ZeroReading 5 Steps for Quickly Reaching Inbox Zero I was reminded of 2 simple tools that took my “Inbox Zero’ing” & productivity to a whole new level.

First a recap of the 5 Steps

1. Unsubscribe from all the crap

2. File/Delete

3. Reply Immediately

4. Reply as You’re Able

5. Set Team Rules

Augment your success by using the following 2 simple tools

1. Boomerang; Use Boomerang to remind you of expected replies that haven’t come in within an expected timeframe. Instead of leaving emails cluttering your inbox, Boomerang them to come back at a specific later time & date when you’re best equipped to deal with them. Block out chunks of time in your calendar to deal with the messages you’ve just “boomeranged”.

2. Filters; Take the time & be smart about applying filters so that routine information goes directly into specific folders to be dealt with at a later time. Again, block out time in your calendar, no more than 30 minutes, to go into the respective folders to process and purge their contents.

These 2 additional steps are email platform independent and are excellent complements when used in an effective and disciplined time management / getting things done process.

Enjoy & happy ZERO Inbox!

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