Fast Growth Etiquette – The Pulse Check

By The Strategy Guy

During a recent lunch conversation with a start-up entrepreneur, he asked me to share what were the most common trends stopping brilliant start-up ideas from becoming great scalable ventures. He was obviously a curious chap looking for some “quick & easy take-aways” from our lunch, and so being the generous &  practical guy I am, […]

Business Strategy Made Easy; Conquering 2 common mistakes

By The Strategy Guy

“Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi” It’s that simple.. Happy with your results? Do more of what’s working. NOT happy with your results? Change what you don’t like & succeed! The problem with most organizations today is that they complicate what’s simple, with mixed messages using intangible instead of […]

Current #1 Cause of Organizational Failure; Managing in “The Cloud”

By The Strategy Guy

In a recent McKinsey Quarterly survey of 2,207 executives, only 28 percent said that the quality of strategic decisions in their companies was generally good, 60 percent thought that bad decisions were about as frequent as good ones, and the remaining 12 percent thought good decisions were altogether infrequent. In another independent survey only 33% of senior […]

7 Practical Steps for Effective Brainstorming

By The Strategy Guy

Most attempts at brainstorming are doomed before they even start! Reverse this tendency by asking better questions, and generate better ideas that your organization is more likely to act on. A group of people are herded into a room as a consequence of  urges to “get creative!”, “think outside the box!” & “There are no bad […]

5 Change Management Secrets you can learn from an Earthquake

By The Strategy Guy

In many ways, what I often find when I walk into a business looks very much like a scene from an earthquake. Leadership in an organization need to engage the internal & external resources that can help it get from its current state, to where it needs to be before it looses any more people, […]

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