Why have ideal clients?

I end each week reflecting on how could I have delivered even more value to the clients I worked with during the previous days. During my reflections I often realize that success is a two way street! At the end of the day, if you don’t head your doctor’s advice, do you really think you’re going to stay, or get perfectly fit & healthy?

That’s when I remembered one of my pre-requisites for success, make sure you’re working with clients that make you look good! For example, my Ideal Clients (already are, or are on a serious journey to become) are:

  • Passionate (you can feel the energy when they walk in the room)
  • Resilient (“won’t stay on the canvas”.. boxing term)
  • Courageous (face their fears and act)
  • Big Dreamers (willing to challenge their “doubters”, including themselves)
  • Core Ideology focused (have core values & purpose, or are on their journey to identifying them)
  • Come from “givington” (give for the sake of giving)
  • Quick (talk today = done tomorrow)
  • Positive (the glass is always half full)

The benefit of working with these clients are many and meaningful, such as:

  • I’ll always have loads of energy & thus do my best work..
  • They will reap the benefits!
  • I’ll feel invigorated & inspired..
  • They will inspire in return!
  • I’ll connect with them on a deeper level..
  • They’ll reciprocate & take their business to a whole new level of success!
  • I’ll increase the probability of working with like-minded clients..
  • They’ll become more demanding!!
  • I’ll feel successful and confident as we’ll make “magical” progress
  • Together we will change lives!!
  • I’ll learn and grow, personally & professionally..
  • They’ll reap the benefits, as well as grow, personally & professionally as well!

These are the filters that I have chosen to use when I’m in search of new clients, or am approached to take on a new project. What happens when someone is not ready to “go on a journey”? My own passion kicks in and I take them for the ride of their lives! And that’s why I love what I do, and I’m passionate about it!

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