The single biggest reason you fail to execute; Lack of Community

There’s no greater loss in personal or professional life, than losing the link between WHAT  you do & WHY you do it!

Yesterday I was extremely inspired by Simon Sinek’s TEDx video. I’ve been a fan of Simon’s work for several years, and have been fortunate enough to work within the same entrepreneurial circles.

At one point Simon highlights the relevance of community (culture) as “a group of people with a shared set of values and beliefs.. people who believe what we believe”. Indeed, this is what fundamentally moves people & organizations to action, and subsequent sustainable performance & results. It’s the ultimate level of trust, and the reason why we should be coming to work inspired each day.. because we believe in the purpose (Mission) of our enterprise. And that upon contributing to that “why statement”, we are able to experience happiness, fulfillment & self-realization through the relevance and impact our work has on the organization’s success.

In addition to his TEDx talk that inspired me, it actually moved me to action! See below my “highlights & take-away” from Simon’s talk… as well as my personal commitment to action.


Human Connections; how can we make more human connections in the workplace? How can we benefit from a common dialogue based on objective common beliefs & values that translate into agreed strategic goals & operational execution? I see it when we come together to formulate a plan for success that delivers on our (why) purpose for being.

The Split; in an entrepreneurial  start-up, or fast-growth firm, it typically happens somewhere between the 40th & 100th employee. In a more mature organization, and Fortune 500 corporations, it typically happens with mergers, acquisitions and or significant restructures. That place where “WHAT you do” & “WHY you do it” split apart and start to diverge in opposing directions.

Funny enough, this why most of my interventions have a profound impact. It’s through putting Core Ideology back at the center of the bulls-eye, and anchoring it as the fundamental compass & north star of a One Page Strategic Plan, creating sense of community, culture, commitment and trust between individuals and teams. Bringing about a collaborative energy that “we’re in this together”. It’s this power that drives sustainable results & high performance.

Authority vs. Leadership; Authority tells you what to do and or which goals to achieve, whereas Leadership inspires us with WHY we should do it. Leadership shows us the way and empowers us to use our own expertise & experience to engage the practices and efforts required for superior performance & results. People in an organization already know what’s required to achieve success, they simply (at times) need a helping hand in “decluttering & reducing the noise” to focus on the few priorities that will bring profound results.

My move to action

Handshake (and a hug); both at the beginning and end of my one-day strategic workshops, or half-day retrospect & planning sessions, there is a handshake & a hug between myself & the participants. Up until now, it’s been more of a social greeting and interaction. It’s genuine, but still more cultural & respectful rather than purposeful.. turning more appreciative at the end in recognition of having delivered value.

Listening to Simon, I’ve realized this human connection should become much more purposeful. A handshake (with purposeful eye contact) at the beginning setting a formal agreement to support each other & succeed in the process we’re about to embark in. A hug in appreciation for another human connection, but also for setting aside valuable time to engage in a process that will deliver greater results for the individual, team & the institution and share / stake-holders.

A handshake (with purposeful eye contact) at the end to “seal the deal” that we’re going to follow-through in a timely & purposeful fashion on the mutual commitments we’ve just agreed as vital to our mutual success. A hug in appreciation for the energy, commitment & effort applied during the time we’ve just spent together in developing the next steps in our road-map to success. A hug that represents the “trust” that I’ve got your back!

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