Team Play as a Success Factor – What’s Your World Cup?

One of the most prestigious trophies in sporting history has just been handed to the Spanish National Team. Congratulations España!

As the World Cup football competition was coming to an end this weekend, I started to reflect on the collective & individual successes of teams and players alike.

Question.. Who’s more likely to win? The team with the best individual players or the team with the best collective unit?

With no offense intended, who are the world class glamor boys of Spain? Netherlands? Yet they made it to the center stage anyway. And what about teams fielding recognized “world’s greatest players”? Portugal, France, Italy, England, Brasil, Argentina, etc. Even Ghana, the best of the African nations surly didn’t have the multimillionaire superstars their fellow host continent teams had.

What’s the lesson to be learned here?

The teams that best distributed the ball, finding the necessary openings resulting in a goal are those that consistently progressed to the next round! Even Argentina’s success into the latter stages was anchored on Leo Messi’s selfless contribution, drawing defenders to himself before distributing the ball to an open teammate for the goal.

The teams that succeeded to win the top prize had players that multiplied, and or magnified their teammates. It increasingly became evident that collective talent out-shadowed individual superstar firepower. And when the individual did appear, such as the case of Spain’s David Villa, he was more of a tipping point than a sole responsible.

Players moved all over the field, at times occupying positions typical awkward to their own natural style of play. Lady luck had her hand in deciding some of the initial scores, along with natural human failings by referees. But what I witnessed was that the teams who as a collective didn’t give-up in the face of adversity, had the hunger to believe, dig down deep within themselves, and were able to get out of trouble, were the very same that consistently progressed to the next level in the tournament.

How are your teams facing adversity in their own lives & the in work-place? How are you yourself fairing in this area?

Life is unpredictable and only those who are hungry or courageous enough to dust themselves off from the fall, pick-up the pieces, learn from mistakes and push the boundaries of their own comfort zones will become world champions. As an example, Spain was able to overcome very rough play, at times brutal & disruptive tactics to focus back on their style of attacking play in order to finally win the game.

How can you, as an individual, choose to multiply or magnify the power of your team by opening up the lines of communication and distributing the ball of responsibility more often amongst your colleagues?

How much accountability are you willing to personally take for overcoming the challenges currently facing your team? At all levels, regardless of who’s fault it was to begin with?

I hope you’ve had a great weekend.. I hope you enjoyed the World Cup tournament, I hope you find the answers sooner than later, and I wish you a world class week ahead.

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