Success Tip; Why Education Matters @ HBR Insight Center

This post is in response to the challenge stated in Why Management Matters: Welcome to the HBR Insight Center.

Preface; I like to think that practical experience & hunger for knowledge will always trump “intelligence”.

Experience tells me that intelligence can actually become a handicap when it freezes you from taking action based on gut instinct (practical vs. theoretical knowledge).

HBR’s Challenge

“We’ve asked several prominent readers to identify the most valuable idea they have learned from the pages of HBR.”

Let me start by referencing 2 of my most favorite quotes;

    • You are the same today youll be in five years except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read – Charlie “Tremendous” Jones


  • You are the average of the 5 people you sound yourself with – Jim Rohn


Top that off with the following great references from the book Where good ideas come from by Steven Johnson;

    • Spillover; capturing essential liquidity of information in dense settlements


    • Assemblage of neurons theory; when neurons form networked patterns based on repetitive stimulation


  • Convergence theory; that it’s not one brilliant thought that sparks innovation, but rather the accumulation of many ideas that one day becomes a “light bulb” moment when the final piece of the puzzle sparks the scattered pieces in your subconscious


In summary; it’s the accumulation of knowledge applied (over time) to practical experience that brings about key decisions that drive success.

Speaking from experience, to HBR’s challenge, it hasn’t been any one idea.. but rather the cumulative of ideas transmitted through their publications over years that have allowed me to grow, develop & continually improve my business execution coaching practice. As a result & consequence of applying this learning / insight, I’ve influenced organizations & people to transform their unproductive habits into more effective ones.. driving effective organizational health & performance.

Gazelles Challenge

Funny enough, at the same time I received a similar challenge from Gazelles, where I’m attending a Growth Summit in Phoenix Arizona this week. Their challenge to me was to identify what was more important to me.. Education, Tools or Community?

For me, it was immediately apparent that it was Education, for that’s what helps me to continually grow & add value to my clients through my practical implementation of that learning. Besides, the reason I join Communities is to learn (gain education). The use of new Tools is to leverage learning. Therefore, at the root of the 3, the value that Gazelles and organizations like them or HBR provide is learning that I can immediately apply.

My challenge to you

How are you leveraging education in order to move your organization forward? How is continual learning facilitating your success? What are the programs you’re putting in place to ensure your leaders & next generation leaders continue to develop & grow?

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