Strategy Question of the Week; What’s my ideal organization?

I’d like to welcome you to my first screen-cast, as I’m pleased to share with you a new feature @ The Strategy Guy Site. In an effort to improve your experience, I’ve decided to mix-up written content with audio & video on occasion. This is my first shot at this new media format and your feedback on the content, concept, etc.. will help me continually improve the feed quality, as well as subject matter covered.

For the sake of anonymity our question comes from a chap that we’ll call Joe, and he’s having a challenge deciding on his next hires. It’s a typical dilemma that all too often is taken without enough thought, since we tend to stick to traditional assumptions instead of focusing on desired outcomes.

The question, as well as the answer, might seem very “obvious” but the matter of the fact is that I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs make this mistake all too often. Actually, this mistake isn’t limited to entrepreneurs, even in larger corporations assumptions often overruled practical outcome focus.

If you’ve got time, money & energy to waste, then you can keep doing as you’ve always done in the past. However, if you want to be truly effective with the strategies you put into place, focusing on the expected outcomes will always give you a clearer perspective on the decisions you’ll need to make.

In summary..
  • Stop & think about the outcomes you need from each new hire or role
  • Consider the stages of your company, and the respective conditions that will trigger those stages
  • Seek advice from someone with relevant experience that you trust

How did that experience feel? Please feel free to leave me your comments below, as well as any questions that you’d like to see me review & answer here. I’ll also take private e-mails in the event that you want to be a little more anonymous with your comments, and or issues you’d like to get help with.

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