Spring Cleaning – How it improves your performance

Spring cleaning in May?

Women spring clean to get their wardrobe & closet space ready for the upcoming season, or  freshen up the house after a long cold winter. Men spring clean to get their offices into a new more productive configuration, or polish up prized possessions just because the weather is getting nicer.

Typically, how do you feel after a good spring cleaning? Lighter, happier, full of energy & more productive?

It’s a typical emotional response. My most recent spring cleaning was due to WordPress.com getting too slow. In order to better cope with this blog’s increased following, I decided it was time for a face-lift and a hosted WordPress.org that will give you better performance. With time I will also be adding new features to make your Strategy Guy experience even more rewarding, so please stay tuned.

Spring cleaning should actually be a year long ritual! How often do you clear the clutter from your desk, mind or life? Daily, weekly, monthly or never? I try for daily but usually succeed at weekly. It’s a great process when done with focus & care.

Try this..

  1. Block-out 1h of your late Friday afternoon
  2. Clean-up your desk & schedule time in your calendar (!!) to action anything that is pending
  3. Review your upcoming calendar appointments for the coming week & ensure that you’re ready
  4. Travel plans, boarding passes or just making sure your “in-between meetings” time allocation is realistic
  5. Reflect on the week that’s just past.. how do you feel about it? What can be improved? What will you do differently?
  6. Take your key learning & make the necessary adjustments to your future actions / activities

Now how does that feel? If you’re fairly on-top of things, even though the upcoming week may still look daunting, you surely have an increased level of certainty! Which in turn means confidence! OK, now you’re ready for your well deserved weekend!

Maybe you’re not so on-top of things and you’ve just realized that you’re not going to succeed next week unless you either work through the weekend or make adjustments to next week’s schedule. Better now than later! Make the necessary adjustments or sacrifices that are going to ensure your success. Most importantly, make a mental note to self and take the necessary action to keep yourself from similar situations.

Whatever the scenario, the guarantee I will give you is that after this exercise you’ll feel back in control. Even if you’re feeling “overwhelmed“, the fact is that this exercise put’s control back in your hands.

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