Making choices that drive results that matter

Whilst reading Seth Godin’s recent recent mini article on the illusion of choice, I was transcended back to my own experiences of  tail-spin vs. actively taking one significant step toward a solution that matters.

Making an educated “none of the above” choice far outweighs a multitude of decisions that run people in circles & provide no real different result as a consequence.

Making a choice often means admitting we don’t have the answer & seeking help where we haven’t before. Making a choice can be uncomfortable, but I can guarantee it’s an opportunity for growth. Making a choice brings along responsibility and mandates follow-through.

In order to make a rewarding choice we must recognize our existing circumstances and find the root cause of what’s gotten us here. Only then can we say “none of the above” and make a choice to head in a different direction. The saying goes “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.”

What choices are you going to make today that are different from what you’ve done in the past? What hasn’t worked for you (to the degree that you wanted) so far? And how will the next different choice break a recognizable pattern, that instead delivers a different results moving you in the direction you need to be?

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