How To Differentiate & Standout in the Crowd; What’s your signature piece?

The competition is tougher than it’s ever been and to succeed you have to master the art of differentiation!

What makes you standout from all the rest? What’s unique & memorable about you, your products or services? What’s going to make people buy what you’ve got to sell? It’s an experience economy these days, so what will be the experience you bestow on someone? What makes you standout in the crowd?

I want to share 3 recent stories with you which are examples of how simple it is to standout in the crowd.

Story #1; My wife & I have been on a brief holiday. By chance, we finally found the perfect wedding rings we’ve been looking for since 2008. It all started when we picked up the in-flight magazine on our flight from Lisbon to São Miguel in the Azores. The next day when we stopped by the jeweler who’s designs were on display we were greeted with incomparable hospitality!

Copied by many, Paulo do Vale has his own registered signature which graces his original hand crafted pieces. With great pride he shared with us his belief that the hardest creations come in the simplest form. His stories were impressive, abundant & later we would seal our once-in-a-lifetime experience with a new family photo alongside the man who has designed pieces for the Pope, the Queen of Jordan and alike.

Paulo is a mild & gentle man! He’s very proud of his heritage & passion! “When it’s passion it’s not work, and that’s what makes it fun”. Paulo has obviously found his purpose in life.. and it shows in his work.

Story #2; The Inn Keeper @ ZuzaBed & Intimate Breakfasts.. imagine that you’ve rocked up on holiday to a city you’ve never been to? That’s not my case as I was born & lived for 22 years in Lisbon Portugal. And that’s exactly what made me appreciate even more Luis, the owner of this wonderful bed & breakfast located in the heart of Lisbon at the foot of the famous Bairro Alto (home of the Fado).

Taking breakfast with his guests whilst playing host, Luis breaks the ice between more reserved guests and ensures that everyone gets deep into conversation.

Through this facilitated sharing each guest speaks of his or her plans & respective doubts. In doing so not only does Luis himself pick-up on favorite & new trends, but also guests alter their own plans as they hear of interesting itineraries they hadn’t considered. In a non-intrusive fashion Luis also pops in around late afternoon when people stop in to change. At our departure depicted here, Luis commented; “at the end of the day.., sure it’s a business, but for me it’s an extension of my lifestyle”. The feeling you come away with is that you’ve never left home and are now just part of a much bigger family.

Story #3; The Inn Keeper @ Arrifana & Personal Chauffer.. imagine that at the last minute of an extended national holiday weekend you’re looking for a room at a busy surfer’s paradise. As we hit the second town that day asking for accommodation we catch a lucky break, one room left. But that wasn’t the astonishing experience, asking what the best way to find a beach I can drive close to due to my broken leg, the proprietor of the restaurant / bed & breakfast yells down to his wife that he’ll drop me off & pick-me up in his car at whatever time table I set!

How about that for an unexpected experience that will have me return to that place?

How did all of these people create simple, yet magical experiences that not only will have me return, but has me “spread the word”?

Ask yourself the following questions;

  • What are your unique strengths?
  • What are you really good at?
  • What sets you apart from others?
  • What are you truly passionate about?
  • What gives you great pleasure & leaves you invigorated at the end of the day?
  • How can you make a living by standing out from the crowd?

If you take some time to carefully answer these questions you are guaranteed to find the answers that will bring you unfathomable success, pleasure, satisfaction & balance.

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