Does your strategic plan fit you?

Does your strategic plan fit the organizational maturity you currently have? One Size Fits All Doesn’t Work!

Whilst having a conversation with a former client of mine this morning, I was inspired to write this post. They are a small company based out of Barcelona Spain. Highly successful in their niche after 10 years in business, they only started to develop their middle management & enterprise communication in the last 2 years.  *Note that I use the term “enterprise” to refer to an all encompassing engagement (communication) model vs “size”, as they are a company of approximately 30-40 people. Until recently, they were still struggling with the question of whether they were building a life-style business or not.

“Template” Best Practices can Break your Business!

So here’s the situation.. while it would be great for them to get on-board with a major initiative of top-grading their management team & practices, they’re just not ready on various levels & for various reasons (including the fragile European economy). To do so, might even break their company, which against all odds is actually thriving in a desperate Spanish economy. I recommended a new business coach for them when I left Spain, unfortunately, the new coach tried to apply a proven model without considering some particularities that didn’t fit the current organizational profile of this client. Neither, is this client ready to mature the management team at this stage.

One Size Fits All Doesn’t Work!

In a 10m telephone call we were able to sort out the confusion & the client was quickly back on-track to following through with a great best-practice One Page Strategic Plan that had been shelved due to an added complexity that hadn’t been dealt with properly. How are you taking into consideration the maturity of your organization or team when integrating the next greatest idea or strategic plan? If the size doesn’t fit, your team won’t wear it or live it! Eventually they’ll shelf it for something that does fit.. even if it’s not as attractive.

Just the right fit 🙂

I always have 3-4 versions of the same best-practices, not only to suit the size & organizational / management maturity of my client, but as well their industry or particular macro-economic / regional situation. The fundamental basics of tangible goals based on rock solid core ideology and addressing the “what’s in it for me” engagement principles for teams who have to execute on strategy are always the same. Simply, the approach & complexity of the strategic thinking & execution planning pieces require slight adjustments in complexity. After all, if anyone feels it doesn’t fit or make sense, no matter how sexy the idea, it’s going right back on the shelf or into the drawer.

Pulse-check & Summary

How are your organizational practices fitting the structure you have? Have you planned how you’ll adapt when your practices will outgrow your talent pool? How do you adapt to what you have without sacrificing short, medium & long terms performance & results?

Make sure you know what you have & where you’re going. Get the type of business coaching that’s going to develop your operational growth curve as well as your capacity to grow. Don’t sacrifice culture for results.. you may break your company & loose the end-game (scalability) by focusing too narrowly on your short term goals.

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