Crossing the chasm

The right question is not, “is the path perfect?”.. but rather “is this somewhere I’d like to go?” Because it’s significantly easier to cross a gap when you have a direction and momentum. – Seth Godin’s “life is full of holes”

Think about your own personal or professional challenges? When have you been able to face the unknown and conquer your own fears? What has inspired or encouraged you to take “a leap of faith”?

It’s not easy to leave your comfort zone, but the rewards that come with the learnings are priceless. That’s why I call that space just outside of your comfort zone.. the learning zone. That’s where you learn the most about yourself, what you truly stand for, and what you’re all about.

If you’re unwilling to look inward or backward in reflection to recognize what needs to be changed.. if you’re unwilling to look beyond the hurdle or chasm just ahead of you and find strength in the reason why you must make that leap of faith.. if you’re not ready to embrace the learning zone as a necessary tool to make you better & stronger.. then you’re not really willing to do what’s necessary to make your dreams & ambitions a reality.

Where is it that you want to go? What’s the purpose behind your climb? What’s the support network you’ve engaged to get you there? How have you made your journey relevant to theirs? What are the most important 3 to 5 things that you need to nail in order to be successful? These are only the first questions you should be asking yourself well before you find that next chasm.

And always remember.. it’s significantly easier to cross a gap when you have a direction and momentum.

What’s driving your direction and momentum these days? How are you providing the right direction and momentum to your support team?

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