Chance favors the connected mind; How to scale your success

“The Cloud” can either be a good thing, or a very bad one.

When it’s a conceptual where possibilities are limitless, and practical measures are applied to turn theory into appropriate measures resulting in quantifiable outcomes / benefits.. then it’s a very god thing.

When that cloud represents confusion, indecisiveness & lacking focus, then it’s a very bad dark cloud.

McKinsey Quarterly’s article “Clouds, big data, and smart assets: Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch” highlights that advancing technologies and their swift adoption are upending traditional business models. Senior executives need to think strategically about how to prepare their organizations for the challenging new environment.

Exploiting these trends typically doesn’t fall to any one executive—and as change accelerates, the odds of missing a beat rise significantly. For senior executives, therefore, merely understanding the ten trends outlined here isn’t enough. They also need to think strategically about how to adapt management and organizational structures to meet these new demands.

Innovative Employees, customers, & business partners collaboration

Deploying these technologies to create networked organizations that foster innovative collaboration among employees, customers, and business partners is highly correlated with market share gains. That’s just one example of how these trends transcend technology and provide a map of the terrain for creating value and competing effectively in these challenging and uncertain times.

10 tech-enabed trend questions you should be asking yourself;
  1. How are we moving distributed cocreation into the mainstream?
  2. How are we making the network the organization?
  3. How are we collaborating on scale?
  4. How do we leverage our ability to capture, compute, communicate, and collaborate around information?
  5. How are we effectively experimenting with big data?
  6. At what pace are we wiring for a sustainable world?
  7. How quickly are we imagining anything as a service?
  8. How is our business model multisided?
  9. How are we fostering innovation from the bottom of the pyramid?
  10. What are our programs for delivering public good?

Chance favors the connected mind

The ending thought in the brief YouTube clip from “Where good ideas come from” author Steven Johnson states that “chance favors the connected mind”.

How are you communicating transversally within your organization? How are you fostering an eco-system that connects the various minds of your internal & external clients?

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