A Win Win Strategy – Maximizing Your Talent Through Consumer Experience

Employees as consumers.. how do you feel about that image? When an employee isn’t having a rewarding experience, don’t they often prefer to go elsewhere? Likewise when an employer isn’t having a satisfying experience, they also look to reshuffle the cupboards & acquire new talent. In practice it’s called “turn-over“!

I stumbled across HBR’s interview with David Smith, Director at Accenture, covering his book Workforce of One and it’s development on Personalized Talent Management.

Whilst the intricacies of effectively putting this process into practice are highly complex and require an organization with a seasoned Human Capitol  Management Strategy, it also requires a very mature company culture. That said, even as a start-up.. I think there are key learnings for adaptation.

The concept promotes “bi-directional fairness” between employee & employer. The employer is able to uniquely address the needs of differing generations & the roles they fill, whilst the employee is held to greater accountability to deliver on the required outcomes for the success of his employer. I’m not promoting the book as I haven’t read it and only have superficial knowledge of it’s practices, but on the surface here is my take-away from their “4 approaches”:

  • Segmentation; providing unique experiences to like-minded employees
  • Modular Choice; greater choice = greater engagement
  • Broad & Simple Rules; unleashing the power of innovation by focusing on “the required outcome for success” vs. “the rules”
  • Fostering Employee Defined Customization; putting the power, as well as the ownership for success into the hands of the employee

How can you adapt some of these approaches to increase the engagement & success of your workforce? Before you start thinking that this sounds a little like anarchy, keep in mind that there are a series of “predefined guidelines & rules” that need to be in place to set safe boundaries for both employee & employer. Also, note the focus on “bi-directional fairness“!

What are your thoughts on this subject and how can you create a better consumer experience for your employee or employer?

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