8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs

8lessonsThis post is more personal than most. Not because I was in the military, I wasn’t, but because my best friends from early childhood were, and one of them didn’t come home.

On October 23, 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon, two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing United States and French military forces killing 299 American and French servicemen.

Pfc. Rui Manuel A. Relvas, my friend since 1st grade, was in one of those buildings. To this day, I often think of him, and visualize what further impact he would have on this world had he had the opportunity to execute upon his dreams.

Along with Rui, my other childhood friends, then US Marines, would often tell me stories of how service in the military was shaping the people they would become. While many years have passed since that period, reading Robert Kiyosaki‘s book 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs gave me a unique insight as to what they had been talking about.

Setting the stage

In the first 2 chapters of 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for EntrepreneursRobert Kiyosaki addresses the “why” you might choose to be an entrepreneur, as well as the value entrepreneurs bring to our economy, etc.

“The very first step any aspiring entrepreneur should take is making the choice between Freedom and Security—or, said another way, between being an entrepreneur and being an employee. It’s up to every individual to make that choice for themselves based on what excites them, where their interests lie and what resources they have available to them.”

The 8 Lessons

From Chapter 3 onwards, Robert dives into the 8 lessons of

  1. Leaders Are Role Models
  2. Are You a Loner or a Leader
  3. Discipline Delivers a Higher Quality of Life
  4. The Power of Respect
  5. The Need for Speed
  6. Unite to Win & Divide to Conquer
  7. Leaders Are Teachers
  8. Leadership Is One Big Sales Job

Anyone reading this post, and familiar with this blog, will understand where these lessons incorporate a viable Business Operating System, and or Strategic Execution Framework.

SEF Model

But it’s the context behind these lessons, and what’s unique to a military training environment, that accelerates & further guarantees a successful / scalable entrepreneurial venture.

In a recent interview with Melinda Emerson, Robert states that he wrote his book to remind everyone that the great leadership skills taught in the military are transferable to entrepreneurship. The training, discipline, and leadership skills taught in the military can be leveraged for huge success in the world of business.

In his book, Robert Kiyosaki walks readers through these practical lessons.

The art of “Always Be Caring”

Robert’s most profound revelation comes in his statement, I think this is one that non-military entrepreneurs may find surprising. In the world of business, especially sales, you always hear about the “ABCs”, or “Always Be Closing.” In the military, it’s “Always Be Caring.”

The order of caring is defined as

  1. Mission
  2. Team
  3. Self

This will be the DNA you stamp on your enterprise, and a non-negotiable cornerstone required for success.

Call to Action

What leadership & entrepreneurial lessons could you immediately apply to your journey from Robert Kiyosaki‘s book 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs? The great take-away from this book is that even if you’ve never been in the military, you can still apply these valuable lessons. And if you have been in the military, then here you’ll find great reminders of what can take you from good to greatness.

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