4 tips to maximized business execution and personal productivity

How to maximize business execution and personal productivity by RESULTS.COM inspired this contribution.

1. Note that the One Page Plan (OPP), with slight variations, can adapt itself to any size or stage organization. I have used it with start-ups, small-medium fast growth businesses and fortune 100-500 companies across 5 continents, Delivering significant results & improved performance.

2. At it’s core, the OPP is first a focus, & second a communication tool. It’s your north star & compass to make sure you’re focusing on the 3-5 things (short, medium & long term) that are going to significantly move you in the right direction. It’s also your road-map for success, literally getting everyone in your organization on the same page as to what will significantly move your organization forward. Once on the same page, everyone now knows what they must individually do in order to contribute toward your success, and then strategy becomes inclusive vs exclusive.

3. Business execution is best achieved by progressive measures that focus on business benefit. Ideally, after your strategic planning session, you’ve set up your tactical planning in an agile framework that will have you monitor & deliver progressive business benefit. BIG BANG just isn’t effective anymore in our rapidly changing world. Note that I’ve added “business benefit” as an outcome. Too many organizations deem successful business execution as achieving activities within milestones & budgets, too often taking their eye off of originally intended business benefit. It’s achieving tangible business benefit that makes for effective business execution. As the saying goes.. “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision merely passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” – Joel Barker “Vision” is tangible business benefit.

4. Personal productivity is a consequence of new or reinforced productive habits. There’s an entire (emotional intelligence) science to ensure new habits stick, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated to understand. We’re all human beings, and it’s just a matter of understanding the basic principles of “pain & light”. No one can change another human being’s behavior! We either change because we want to move away from pain, or move toward light (inspiration). That’s what gives us the willpower to stick to a new, more productive habit until it becomes engrained in our way of being.

Combine personal productivity & effective business execution, and you have magic 🙂

Where do you see yourself in regards to effective business execution & personal productivity?

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