2 Quick Exercises for Successful Business Execution

Exercise #1; Take your organizational chart & turn it upside-down.

Now think of a tree.. what’s similar between the two figures?

In a strong, powerful & beautiful tree you see the vibrant results (beautiful foliage) of a successful & integrated organism. In order for these results to be consistent year-on-year regardless of the external climate, it’s the roots that have the responsibility to nurture (inspire) the remaining organism, transporting vital fluids & minerals while oxygenating the unit as a whole. It’s through this complex communication network (made easy) that the branches are empowered to generate the results (visible foliage) that then nurtures other animals & humans (Society Eco-system).

High Performance Teams

This visual came as a result of a conversation I had yesterday with my German colleague Gerrit Bottemoeller. Gerrit is a former member of the German National America’s Cup Team from a few years back. I met him in Valencia, Spain back in 2008 when he was at the beginning of building his human resource coaching practice. At the time, he was showing me around the America’s Cup marina and telling me all about the high tech solutions & methodologies behind high performance sailing teams.

In our catch-up yesterday, he painted this vivid picture in my head which reminded me of the responsibility of management to inspire & nurture a high performance organization. Management’s responsibility to flatten the hierarchy of communication in order to push accountability to the branches that have to execute & deliver results.

I clearly saw the key attributes of a powerful organism which quickly transports critical nutrients required for producing successful results at the extremities..

  • a strong core / solid foundation
  • agility and alignment in the communication network
  • clarity of priorities & relevance of differing nutrients
  • teamwork & feedback mechanisms regarding external climate
  • etc..

We exchanged notes & remarked that whether you’re trying to win in a highly competitive sport, or an equally highly competitive business climate, the rules for success are pretty much the same.

Exercise #2; which of the two below most resembles the state of your organization?

What would you like to do about that? What’s within your power to change the health of your organization & respective results? What are you going to do differently next week as compared to the one just ending?

In the +190 blog posts on this site you’ll find most of the answers you’re looking for.. and if you want a short-cut just reach out to me and let me help you get started in the right direction and the right immediate next steps.

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