The Art of Discipline; A Pre-requisite for Productivity

Life is not a Nike commercial. Being told to “just do it” is not enough. If it was, you would have “just done it” by now. BURN THIS INTO YOUR MIND: Self-discipline requires hard and consistent mental, physical and emotional labor.

  • It is not the path of convenience.
  • It is not a glamorous way of living and working.
  • It is not something most people are going notice about you.

That was the opening statement from Scott Ginsberg’s article on discipline, it was the first time I was coming across his blog, and I immediately became a fan!

It inspired me to ask; “How do you rate yourself in the key drivers of discipline?”


People always make time – not find time, but make time – for what matters to them. That’s how commitment works: It deletes distraction. It makes you wake up early. It turns habits into non-negotiables. When you’re committed, you drop everything and get to work. Every day.

How are you “making time” in your daily calendar for the activities which are truly important to you?

The Power of Why

I like how Scott emphasizes that willpower is overrated, and that if you want execute what matters most – every single day – you need to tap the reservoir of “why-power”.

The greatest change that I’ve ever witnessed has always been based on the power of purpose driven work. That is when discipline becomes a non-thought.. an ingrained habit that quickly becomes a non-negotiable, a positive addiction, and just something you do.

Resisting the Devil

I agree that part of self-discipline is learning how to override yourself, overcoming all of those autopilot temptations that feed our need for instant self-gratification. I like how Scott frames; “The problem isn’t decreasing productivity – it’s diluted priorities”.

How are you falling into the trap of doing what’s most urgent vs. most important? Are you responding to the noise that’s the loudest, or the one that’s most aligned with what needs to get done in order to achieve success? Indeed, find a way to extinguish whatever distractions seduce you, drown out the world’s chatter and find the energy that urges you forward. Stop performing minor tasks that engulf you in pointless, trivial action.

No one ever said it was going to be easy
  • It’s hard work that nobody undertakes but you.
  • It’s unspectacular work that nobody notices but you.
  • It’s inconvenient work that nobody appreciates but you.
  • But discipline does mean freedom.

Freedom to be, freedom to do and freedom to have – pretty much anything.


Michael jordan is my all-time favorite symbol of someone who embodies “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. He’s the master of discipline & has benefited from the just reward of hard work. As a special treat I’ve added this inspirational short video clip that will make your spine tingle.

What are you willing to do to gain your freedom? Freedom to be, freedom to do and freedom to have – pretty much anything.

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