Kick the habit; 5 Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them

One of the keys to success being making the best of the 24 hours we’re granted daily, this post is inspired by 5 Tech Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them @ Entrepreneur.

More than doing things right, the name of the game is doing the right things right at the right time (and by the right people).

As I read through the “5 Tech Time Wasters”.. I quickly reflected that it’s not just about “tech”.. it’s about the fundamental distractions that we create for ourselves in many aspects of our lives altogether. And that if we can better control these, instead of letting them control us, then productivity will not only be professional.. but personal as well 🙂

1. Time Killer #1; Email

In addition to the great tip of taking control of your inbox, it’s time to kick  your “email habit”. Find yourself looking at email first thing when you wake-up or drink your morning coffee? How does that activity impact your daily plan?

a) Make “your plan” the late afternoon / evening before so that you wake-up focused on the most important things that are going to move the needle the next day.

b) Leave slots of time open for the eventualities that you know pop-up as a consequence of your inbox. Filter these “emergencies” based on what’s provides the most significant results for you. Remember; lack of planning on someone else’s part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on your part.

Make your own plan before someone else makes you part of theirs.. 9 out of 10 times, they surely won’t have your best interest at heart 😉

2. To-do lists (in general)

Another “habit” that you should be looking to kick.

a) First start with reviewing your day before or when you get home.. what worked? Provided results & empowered you.. others? That’s the stuff you want to continue to do..

b) What didn’t work? What didn’t empower or bring you the results you required? That’s the stuff you want to adjust / modify.. or stop doing altogether. It also might be what you need to start doing.

c) Never schedule more than 3 significant tasks for a single day.. and always try to complete your 2nd significant task by lunch time. That’s how you get out of the day-to-day tactical thinking.. and rise to the strategic thinking space that’s going to have you focus on the “breakthrough” stuff.. the right things at the right time..

In summary.. it goes like this.. what are the things I have to stop doing.. the things I have to continue to do.. and or what are the things that I have to start doing to have the kind of day I want? Ask yourself those 3 questions, and act on the answer.. & I guarantee you’ll find the secret to having a more powerful & productive day.

3, 4 & 5. Social Media, instant messaging, telephone & other distractions

Turn-off the pop-ups.. be they on your computer screen, your smart-phone, etc. Find the quite / focus time & place you need to do the right things right. Work from the cafeteria, coffee shop.. even park across the street if necessary. The modern workplace is the #1 enemy of productivity. That said, your time & space is still under your control.. so get creative & MAKE the environment you need in order to raise your productivity bar.. even if that means taking the phone off the hook.

In Summary

Reflection & simple planning is your key to success. If you’re being distracted, and this is keeping you from performing the right work at the right time, it’s time to take responsibility & kick-the-habit by practicing new healthier habits.

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