Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning

Because the execution of an idea is always more important than the brilliance of the thought, I facilitate a dedicated half, one and or two day offsite workshop for your executive and or management teams to complete a highly practical & immediately applicable strategic thinking & execution planning process.

You will come away with either a draft or rebuilt version of a Strategic & Execution One Page Plan (OPP) and a list of priorities to execute, that will guarantee your company’s growth & scale.

A framework used by tens of thousands of successful companies worldwide, the elements of People, Execution, Sales & Cash are the elements you must master in order to increase growth & scale.

The principle of cascade planning & reverse hierarchy guarantee engagement & accountability levels that deliver repeatable results.

  • Revenue Growth +30 – 200%
  • Profitability Growth +10 – 30%
  • Productivity Growth +30 – 50%
  • Employee Engagement Growth +40 – 70%
  • Customer Success Growth (Net Promoter Score) +30 – 50%

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