Interim Executive & Change Management

Beware of Business Theorists

After +30 years serving C-Suite Executives, I’ve proven that bridging business theory and successful operational execution requires hands-on experience and highly practical solutions.

More than the art of applying best practices, Interim & Change Agent Services is the delicate balance of embedding the most relevant elements of experience and best practices, while adapting them to the unique characteristics of an organizations culture.

A typical interim assignment can last anywhere from 3 to 6 or 12 months, on a full or part-time basis. The length & intensity all depends on the current state of affairs, and the desired results as a consequence of a successful intervention.

I typically engage in the following practices to develop solutions that are practical & deliver immediate results because they’re aligned with your specific need.

These fundamental practices are all any company needs to build a culture of performance, engagement & accountability for scaling better & faster than their nearest competitor.

✪ Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish & English
✪ Operationalize go-to-market strategies
✪ Internationalization / “Glocalization”
✪ Customer Success
✪ Fast Growth
✪ Reorganization, Change Management & Process Reengineering
✪ Operations & Integration Plans
✪ Problem Solving & Decision Making
✪ Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning
✪ Employee Engagement
✪ Workforce Agility & Lean Planning
✪ Portfolio & Program Management
✪ Human Capital Management