Employee Engagement, Productivity & Profits Through Fostering Community

This blog post was inspired after watching Building and Nurturing Communities for Positive Change by Christian Busch.

As I listened to Christian, I reflected upon how simple community building can be, as well as how the following 5 pillars he highlighted are highly applicable to successful leadership in any enterprise.

Action Driven Purpose

You won’t get much accomplished, when trying to foster community around getting something done, if at the core it’s not purpose driven. People more easily come together & seek to achieve common goals when they understand & associate themselves with the WHY behind the required action or activity. My wife recently shared a phrase with me that encapsulates the power of community & purpose; “Imagine being at the epicenter of a billion people’s passions! Passion ignites emotion. Emotion inspires action. Action affects change.” Passion igniting emotions which inspire action.. that’s how you get powerful employee engagement, productivity & profits!

Successful leadership builds community by identifying the passion & purpose that inspires the right action required for the appropriate outcome (results).

Framework of Trust

When was the last time you gave it your all in an environment where trust hadn’t been established? Exactly.. a successful leader knows how to build trust through open & transparent dialogue (communication). Trust is also secured when a leader understands how to be effective at listening. That’s when you get lasting buy-in to the activities required for success. A community only comes together to produce their best when a framework of trust exists, especially when compromise is required. That in turn results in greater employee engagement, productivity & profit (however you choose to measure it) for all.

Curated Diversity

With diversity comes differing opinions and levels of experience. A successful leader leverages all of the diversity at their disposal, allowing everyone’s logic to be heard so that more constructive decisions can be reached. The strongest communities have an interwoven fabric of diversity that more strongly bonds it together. Whether in business or in our personal lives, diversity gives us the perspective to make better choices that will serve a greater audience. In turn, we will experience greater (employee) engagement, productivity & profit for all.

Connected Decentralization

A successful leader knows how to connect a community of individuals (a team) through an action driven purpose (company mission) while fostering a framework of trust through open & transparent communication where a diversity of opinions & experiences can be heard and applied. This creates a strategy, which must be a central point (north star) for focus & clarity around the goal to be achieved. In turn, only a decentralized mechanism (such as the One Page Strategic Plan) accelerates execution when connected by common strategic vision. That’s the fine thread that drives greater employee engagement, productivity & profit for the enterprise (community).

Technology (an enabler mechanism)

As with community, technology is only an enabler… and NOT the solution. Hundreds of years back, when town halls, pubs & other offline mechanisms brought a diversity of people together to share thoughts which then lead to some sort of purpose driven action,you can say that these very same offline gathering places were the enabling technology. Successful leaders don’t loose sight of this fact and use technology as an enabler for greater employee engagement, productivity & profit, instead of the focus point.

 In closing…

How can you, or do you, use these 5 pillars to become a more effective leader and foster your community in driving greater employee engagement, productivity & ultimately more profit (in whatever form you may measure it) for your enterprise?

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