Success Strategy; Commit Less & Deliver More

There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.. and it’s called attitude. Positive or negative.. it’s your choice.

Likewise, there seems to be little difference in days, but that little difference can make a huge difference.. and it’s called exhilaration (from effort). If I’m feeling confident, positive & absolutely over the moon today, and it’s because I got a ton of work done that I had been delayed in completing.

I often find that my passion for my work, & life in general, leads me to over-commit. Don’t get me wrong.. I’ve learned long ago what to say NO to.. it’s just that I still get too many new ideas and commit to myself & others to get them done.

Feeling drained; down & out

When I know I haven’t done everything I should have, could have, wanted to.. more often than not the next day (if not that very same day) my energy goes down.

Suddenly I feel overwhelmed, my wife says I’ve been procrastinating and I feel lousy because I know that I could have done better.. given it 150% effort instead of 70 or 80%.

When I’ve let somebody down, when I’ve over-committed and under-delivered, it feels like a knock-out blow. I’m disoriented, it hurts and all I want to do is to pick myself off the ground and get back into the fight.

All I want is one more chance to prove myself worthy.

How to Commit Less & Deliver More

– Moderate your passion when you feel the need to commit.. think twice.. now give yourself a 20% (minimum) buffer to your original estimation

– Get everything, all of the things you want to do or have committed to do, out of your head and onto paper. You’ll probably be surprised at how much you’ve committed to

– Prioritize on a scale of 1-3

  • 1 – must do (within the next 5 days)
  • 2 – would like to do (within the next 10 days)
  • 3 – how the hell did I get stuck with that? (trash-it & uncommit from it)

– Block your calendar accordingly to get these things done

On Top of the World

That’s the sense of exhilaration.. that’s that guy at the top of the stairs leading to the Philadelphia Art Museum.

He’s a guy that got famously in-over-his-head, but he also refused to quit.

He’s an example of someone who was hungry to win, but didn’t promise a victory. He committed to less but still strived to deliver more than anyone expected!

Rocky Balboa once turned to his son & said; “The world ain’t all sunshine & rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and it don’t care how tough you are.. it will beat you to your knees and leave you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life can. But in the end it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take, get back up, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

Yo Adrian.. Here’s to hoping you commit less & deliver more this week!

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