Are you an engaging leader?

“More than 9 in 10 Employees Are Disengaged When Organizations Don’t Implement Change Well”, the key word here being “disengaged”, which directly points to the engagement process.

Harvard Business Schools Press’s Executing Your Strategy by Morgan, Levitt & Malek points to 90% of successful strategies “on paper”, so throughout all of the ones that don’t even pass this pre-qualifier, still fail to reach successful conclusion! Success to them, and to me, is completion through transition into your operation and thus impacting the results of your company. What I’ve seen over the past 25 years as the #1 source of this breakdown, is the engagement process!

My solution to this dilemma is a rather simple process, which given the nature and emotional intelligence of humans, makes for an interesting journey. 🙂

– First; ensure that you properly cover every stage of the I.N.V.E.S.T. model by investing in your strategy!
– Second; get the right people on your bus and in the right seats by leveraging the ghSmart Top Grading methodology
– Third; get everyone literally on the same page with a One-Page Strategic Plan
– Fourth; Stop, Look, Listen & Act through rhythmic processes & incorporate behavioral kinetics to ensure sustained or increased performance as ever changing job demands affect your teams performance
– Fifth; ensure you’ve got a Continuous Improvement Cycle built into you organization to measure (1) reaction to what’s going on, (2) learning related to increased knowledge or capability, (3) behavior & capability improvement impacting (4) results, or the effect on your business.

You can encompass all of these tools and get critical key-stakeholder buy-in through a Strategic Alignment & Planning Session process. The art of execution is always more important than the brilliance of the thought, and people will do something, including changing their behavior, if only it can be demonstrated that doing so is in their own best interests as defined by their own core values. As Joel Baker so eloquently summarizes it, “vision without action is merely a dream, action without vision merely passes time, but vision with action can change the world!”

Are you ready to change your world? Are you an engaging leader?

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