7 Reasons Employees Don’t Trust Their Leaders

60e7f1a4cdc12289b833224d79b63485After coming across 7 Reasons Employees Don’t Trust Their Leaders, I wanted to highlight the following key take-aways..

Disclaimer; Selling Fear

Personally, I believe the increased lack of trust in one another within any society is directly correlated to a fear based discourse adopted by (for example) politicians, media & then society (in general) itself. As human beings, it’s in our nature (inborn self defense mechanism) to doubt before giving the benefit of the doubt.

We’re intrinsically more inclined to look for differences in each other versus focusing on similarities. The science behind that is too long to go into here, but as we grow older and “work on ourselves” we start to identify the origins of where this automated first-contact reaction comes from, and find the necessary tools to reprogram ourselves.

Key take-away #1; Responsible Transparency

Employees have grown tired of unexpected outcomes resulting from the lack of preparation. They want to be informed of any change management efforts before – not after the fact.

Key take-away #2; Bottom-up Accountability

Employees desire to know what is expected of them and be given the opportunity to reinvent themselves, rather than be told they are not qualified for new roles and responsibilities and can no longer execute their functions successfully.

Key take-away #3; The 7 Reasons

1. Lack Courage
2. Hidden Agendas
3. Self-Centered
4. Reputation Issues
5. Inconsistent Behavior
6. Don’t Get Their Hands Dirty
7. Lack a Generous Purpose

If I were going to put these in order, I’d move “Lack a Generous Purpose” to #1.

Key take-away #4; Some Answers

In his following article 5 Ways Leaders Win People Over, Glenn Llopis give us 5 great ways to authentically win people over.
1. Search for Shared Experiences
2. Understand One’s Values and Intentions
3. The Head and the Heart
4. Get Your Hands Dirty
5. Increase Your Engagement

Your call to action

What are the key take-aways that you most identified with? What are the changes you can start to apply immediately that will have you turnaround some of the challenges you’re already facing today?

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