3 Secrets to Employee Productivity

Inspired by 3 Secrets of Happy Employees @ Entrepreneur magazine.

According to 2010 research by Harvard University business administration professor Teresa M. Amabile and independent researcher Steven J. Kramer, in addition to creating a more pleasant work environment and reducing turnover, happy employees are more productive and collaborative.

On employees’ best days they reported making progress in their work (76%) and being collaborative (53%). Those numbers plummeted to 25% and 43%, respectively, on days when employees felt unhappy.”

This should not be anything new to my regular audience, considering much of my writings, findings & experience on engaging the basic concepts of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in effective employee engagement practices. Think about it.. how much are you able to focus, be collaborative & fully productive when you’re unhappy at your core?

1. A supervisor who cares is more than being a buddy.. more than the pat on the back or the constructive reprimand, it’s the leader who understands his role as teacher and educator. It the leader who exposes you to consistent opportunities for growth & personal development. It’s the leader who knows your comfort zone, works with you to expand that zone to where you’re slightly uncomfortable. That new place outside of your comfort zone is known in professional circles as your learning zone. Effective leaders go to great lengths to ensure you don’t get pushed passed the boundaries of the learning zone into the danger zone.. which is when you find yourself too far & too fast outside your comfort or learning zone. The danger zone is the place where unnecessary mistakes happen that diminish your confidence & often lead to a downward spiral in performance, which in then take tremendous efforts & costs on all parts to recover (when possible).

2. Sincere and specific praise and feedback is much more than recognition.. it’s the shining of the light on the root cause of success or failure. It’s not recognition or attention to the situation, but to the root cause or core of why things went right or need improvement. It’s the sincere & specific feedback that helps us grow as human beings & professionals. It’s where we learn what we need to continue to do, start to do & stop doing in order to be successful.

3. A supportive and fair workplace culture is the place everyone learns, grows & wins together. It starts with a leader who instills collaborative confidence, a place where everyone understands & fully buy’s into how they individually and collaboratively contribute to the success of a company. It’s where everyone get’s an opportunity to shine. It’s also a place where detractors get their fair share of attention required for improvement, or replacement if necessary, but don’t consume all of the focus in detriment to the star (or potential) performers who continue to deliver.

Do you recognize yourself or your leadership in cultivating these 3 secrets to employee productivity?

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