3 Critical Success Messages for any Technology Start-up & Engineering Leadership

During my weekend reading, I came across 3 wonderful & inspiring messages from Joe Stump in his recent interview on Capture The Flag that will surely help any internet / technology entrepreneur rethink (or solidify) their current perceptions of where they’re headed & why.

Whether an internet entrepreneur, corporate executive, engineering team leader or budding engineering team lead.. I highly recommend you invest the next 10 minutes to review these three brief video interviews. Based on experience, I can guarantee you that your 10 minute investment will save you hundreds of painful hours fighting fires & trying to figure this stuff out (in practice) later.

How to Lead an Engineering Team

Whilst I don’t prescribe to the initial “hard-ass” approach, I believe this is mitigated through his comment “the ability to say NO, explain why & stop yourself from over committing.. It’s the “explain why” which is the trick that too many engineering resources still haven’t been able to figure out to effectively execute in their dialogue with “the business”. I also love his simplistic breakdown of the purpose for engineering.. “engineers manufacture features & code“. That’s it at the end of the day!

‪How to Hire Top Engineering Talent

Great insight on how Google & Facebook (can afford to) pay below market.. & how it’s more about giving / selling to engineers the opportunity to do things that are technically complex. That would be called Engineering Self Actualization in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs.

‪How CTO Improves Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Not just for Technology Start-ups.. when your company starts to take off and everyone wants to get your viewpoint on “your space” & “your journey”.. these are very valid & concise tips!

Lastly, love his great insight on 1.5 to 1.8b people on the internet vs. 5.8b mobile subscribers.. and how this 4b gap will quickly be made up within the next 2 years. How is your business plan addressing this trend?

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