5 Proven Strategy Steps for Your Personal Development & Growth

By The Strategy Guy

Do you remember the excitement of running home after school & having your mom or dad measure your growth? You were probably so proud that you had that chart somewhere in the house where every visitor could see it. How did you respond when someone asked how old you were? You very proudly pinched your […]

Productivity Transformation; Effective Results The Agile Way

By The Strategy Guy

Yesterday a client asked me about the difference between Agile Software Development & Scrum (development), followed by whether it was possible to apply the same frameworks to a traditional business practice or environment. Recalling an earlier article I wrote back in May on Executing with Strategic Speed, where I briefly touched on the importance of […]

Executing with Strategic Speed

By The Strategy Guy

This morning I awoke to a great clip by Ed Boswell, CEO of the Forum Corporation, explaining why you need to slow down in order to speed up. Ed acknowledged that only approximately 30% of strategies actually succeed! Other fundamental highlights were his researches findings that the lack of efficiency in execution can be boiled […]

How to avoid unprofitable & ineffective compensation plans

By The Strategy Guy

STOP burning your money! First of all consider this question.. are you motivating your employees & sales people to drive the results your business actually needs (effective) or just to be busy (ineffective)? Any equity MUST be vested over a period of time (typically 2-4 years) just to be eligible, not just paid out performance […]

How to build scalability into any organization

By The Strategy Guy

In a January 23rd post earlier this year, I briefly mentioned the Horizon 1-2-3 framework originally developed by Mehrdad Baghai, Stephen Coley, and David White, who authored The Alchemy of Growth: Practical Insights for Building the Enduring Enterprise. In it they established a view that companies that are successful in the long term have growth […]

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