The greatest secret to happiness & profits; The Zappos Model

Welcome to your Positive Monday Post, a great way to kick-off your week with the right frame of mind to drive great results over the next 5 days.

Last Friday I shared the Zappos 10 Core values, and subsequently this weekend I watched an amazing 55m Google Talk by Tony Hsieh that I’m sure will really resonate with you on a personal, as well as a professional level.

In order to facilitate the experience for those that might not have 55m to invest during a busy work-week, I’ve taken the liberty to edit down the highlights into an  2x 9m versions (because YouTube doesn’t take more than 10m clips) followed by a key take-away listed below.

Key Take-Away…

1. The real reason why Tony sold his first company LinkExchange.. was a bad Company Culture

2. The Precondition for the Amazon acquisition of Zappos; independence & culture untouched

3. Zappos as a Service Company.. “that just happens to sell shoes”

4. Revenue driven by a Repeat Customer Focus

5. Investing in Customer Experiences; Channel advertising & marketing spend toward customer experience & word-of-mouth marketing

6. The key questions to answer for increasing Repeat Customers

  • What do customers really expect?
  • What do customers actually want?
  • What emotions do customers feel?
  • What stories do they tell their friends?
  • How can culture create more stories?

7. Free Shipping both ways means less profit on individual orders in exchange for more purchases, higher revenue & profit over-all

8. Surprise upgrades focused on Customer Experience Efficiency vs. Warehouse Efficiency

9. The Telephone as a branding tool

10. An Integration Process guarantying Engaged, Passionate & Committed staff

  • the end-of-the-first-week $2.000 offer

11. Customer Service shouldn’t just be a department

12. The three C’s of Happiness-in-a-Box

  • Clothing
  • Customer Service
  • Culture

13. The Secret to Delivering Happiness; “People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel”

14. The two most important ingredients

  • Very Strong Culture & Core Values (short defining verb phrase)
  • Vision with a higher purpose

15. The answer to Purpose; What are you so passionate about.. that you’d do it for the next 10 years even if you never made a dime at it?

  • Chase the Vision & not the money

16. The Atlanta Refrigeration Company example

17. Inspiration vs. Motivation

  • it’s 2 way commitment

18. The power of communicating intention to employees resulting in alignment & engagement

19. Be “High Touch” instead of “High Tech”

20. Where does the story begin & where does it end?

21. Take a step back – What is your Goal in Life?

  • The magic of Why

22. The Science of Happiness – 1998

  • You can’t just ask what makes you happy..

23. Tony’s CliffsNotes

  • Perceived Control
  • Perceived progress
  • Connectedness
  • Vision / Meaning
  • Pleasure – Rock Star
  • Engagement – Flow
  • Meaning – Higher Purpose
  • Great Business = Profit, Passion & Purpose
  • Great Happiness = Pleasure, Passion & Purpose

24. Happiness = High personally & professionally profits

25. Customer Happiness & The Happiness Eco System

And last but not least; Zappos’ Higher Purpose of delivering happiness to the world!

There were so many lessons to be taken away.. what were your highlights? What resonated most with you?

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