Quick Win Productivity Tip-of-the-Day; Digitalize

This morning’s bank experience… I’m not naturally organized when it comes to finical matters. That said, it doesn’t mean I can’t be great at it, it’s just going to take me extra effort, energy, a framework & discipline until it becomes a newly engrained habit. That’s how life works!

So when I went to my bank this morning to establish additional accounts (buckets) for segmenting & putting funds aside for my various obligations & plans, my digitalization strategy.. which I put into effect some years ago.. came into very productive use!

The Challenge

For whatever reason, my identity details in the bank records had expired, and without the physical documentation I would have had to come back another day.. wait in another line to be attended to.. and start explaining my needs all over again.

The Solution

Fortunately I’ve digitalized my life, so with the stroke of a few keys on my smartphone, tablet pc or Laptop (in this case laptop) I accessed my Dropbox account & promptly handed (emailed) over my previously scanned legal identity.

The Reward

What turned out to be a 1h exercise, which I initially estimated at 45m, could have been double or triple (including more inconvenient trips to the bank) had I not had all my relevant information at the (extended) tips of my fingers.

I don’t do back-ups anymore.. my working files (directories) in my laptop are permanently & instantly synced with Dropbox, which means anywhere in the world, from any device, I can access my information. I share files (or directories) with clients for immediate productivity. No longer do I need time-consuming file transfers or deal with e-mail limitations. This morning’s practical example is only one.. Dropbox & digitalization (virtualization) of a significant part of my life has given me more time for me to do the things that really matter to me.. providing me a significant increase in work-life balance.

How are you virtualizing? How are you digitalizing? If you’re not, then how are you still getting stuck in your traditional off-line world / frameworks? How are they empowering or limiting you?

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