The secret behind inspiration; 8 simple steps to inspire anyone

Do you remember your first teacher? You don’t have to go back to your early childhood, you’re most recent teacher might have been someone who crossed your path, or something that happened to you this very day.

I’ve often felt that life is an endless school system, giving us significant challenges to overcome. Making them even more painful when we go about problem solving in the wrong fashion. We are all creatures of influence, induced by the experiences that shape and mold us to react to everything we feel. There’s no sense in ignoring or even arguing the point. Conscious or not, the fact is that as life happens to you, and you choose how to deal with what happens based on the individual you’ve become through a series of life events.

Does that make you feel out of control of your own life?

Well it shouldn’t, because once you’ve embraced this fact, you can start finding the new teachers & life lessons that will help you get to the better place you still desire.

Having stumbled across this 3 minute 35 second video clip this weekend I came to think of all of my teachers through my life. Those people who were generous with their knowledge & life experiences, expecting nothing in return other than just simple action on my part. The endless number of people, some of the unknowing strangers who through their actions taught me new forms of humility & empathy.

The secret tips of those who create inspiration
    1. Foster a learning environment where people will feel safe to learn, grow & deal with their self doubts
    2. Create a sense of value, pride in ones work & belonging on a daily basis
    3. Focus on people’s strengths instead of their weaknesses
    4. Champion transparent communication & engagement
    5. Give people the freedom to make mistakes by encouraging them to learn from the same
    6. Teach limitless & endless possibilities instead of governing from a place of fear
    7. Foster & teach the child within us through the focused effort of the logical process instead of only focusing on the subject matter
    8. Make every lesson outcome focused

      Do you remember your greatest teacher? How many people would utter your name when asked the same question? It’s never too late, the next decision & subsequent action is within your reach. What are you waiting for?

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