Giving Thanks; All the money in the world or a profound purpose?

What would you rather have FIRST? All the money in the world and a comfortable life, or a powerful dream, a heart full of passion and driven by a profound purpose?

That’s the question my wife put to me on Sunday afternoon as we walked (I hobbled due to my recovering motorcycle injury) into Barcelona city center.

I’ve known Thanksgiving as an American holiday celebrated on the 4th Thursday of every November since growing up on the streets of Philadelphia back in the early 70’s. I’v since been fortunate enough to travel across every continent on the planet & having been in Cape Town South Africa earlier this month, where one of the driving themes was celebrating gratitude, I already felt that the universe was loading up my 2010 November with a lot of thanks-giving opportunities.

When my wife asked me the profound question on Sunday afternoon, I knew that it was time to take a hard look at the answer I had just given her.

Without a moments hesitation, I blurted out that I’d first rather have “a powerful dream, a heart full of passion and be driven by a profound purpose”, on the basis that it can bring you all of the financial rewards you could ever need, but the latter couldn’t guarantee you the first.

It’s been a challenging year for us so far, starting off with a broken leg which is still on the mend after two surgical interventions within 6 months. Rehabilitation of the body has been similar to the rehabilitation of a career or a business, as once you’ve identified your purpose (end-goal / reason for being) it takes control of your every next step. Despite the challenges we’ve faced this year, which are minimal when compared to the blessings, I’d have to be thankful for the learning & growth, as well as for the opportunity to chase a dream bigger than yourself.

We’ve met many great & awe-inspiring people along the way, and they too have played their part in pushing us beyond what we see as significant challenges. We’ve walked away from these conversations in admiration, and motivated to say.. “if they’ve done it, than we can do it to”. Thank you to you all!

My 2010 Thanks Giving is for all of the wonderful opportunities life has presented me this year, as well as all of the inspiration, vision, purpose & perseverance that I’ve been surrounded by. For the health & happiness of my family, two boys (Joni & Riki), and for having an awe-inspiring wife (he says humbly), who in her own right faces her challenges with a conviction & determination that inspires me to greater hieghts myself.

What are you grateful for on this day of remembrance & giving thanks?

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