How Effective Leadership First Requires Emotional Agility

1364333709Emotional Agility inspired me to highlight the following summary..

Speaking from experience, emotional intelligence & agility doesn’t come easy and isn’t an automatic. At a very minimum, in order to be successful, it requires

☛ an open mind

☛ a desire to improve

☛ a lot of patience, repetition and work

☛ and a lifetime of practice

Fortunately, “for every concerted effort one reaps multiple rewards”, thus the investment is highly rewarding!

The basic steps:

☛ Getting Unhooked

☛ Recognizing your patterns

☛ Labeling your thoughts and emotions

☛ Accepting them

☛ And acting on your values

Call to Action

If you haven’t done so already, follow this link to the full article at the HBR (Harvard Business Review) website and test your Emotional Agility.

If you want to become an effective leader, at work, or in life in general, I urge you to start a journal / diary immediately and get to work. If you find that you need assistance with this growth process, in addition to a coach / mentor, you might try a powerful program such as Landmark Forum. It super accelerated my growth spurt a few years back!

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