Greatest Life Hack Lesson – Control of Your Own Plan

This post is inspired by Zenhabits’ 11 Simple Ways to Create Genuine Connections with the People Who Make Failure Impossible.

Readers to my blog will recognize 2 of my most favorite quotes..

    • You are the same today youll be in five years except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read – Charlie “Tremendous” Jones


    • You are the average of the 5 people you sound yourself with – Jim Rohn


“There’s probably one thing we can agree on: The people around you dictate your success. They can also forecast our failure.”

There’s another phrase I like to recite often which is “if you don’t have your own plan, you will most definitely become part of someone elses’ plan”. Let’s be honest.. do we really believe that others have our best interests at heart when they latch us into their plans?

Consider these statistics..
    • 85% didn’t think they were living up to their potential


    • 93% believed the people you surround yourself with are critical to success


    • 99% said they could be doing a better job of surrounding themselves with passionate, supportive and successful people


What are the filters you’re applying to make sure you surround yourself with the quality of people that are going to help you grow?

How do their values align with yours? How do their priorities in life align with yours? How do they inspire you, and others around them, on a regular basis? What are the attributes of the type of people that make you feel great when you’re around them?

The responses to those questions are just some of the attributes you should use as a filter when choosing who you’ll hang-out with.

There are 11 tips for helping you make better choices..

1. Know the impact you want to have
2. Fire toxic friends.
3. Find new surroundings
4. Create a relationship road map
5. Discover who you already know
6. Enlist the help of others
7. Create unique value and learn to help anyone
8. Great genuine online connections.
9. Build your in-person community
10. Make people a part of your world
11. Show Up

Which ones are you going to start applying immediately?

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